Why Do We Seek Pilgrimage?

For thousands of years, pilgrims have embarked on journeys of discovery toward places of faith. While some have pursued natural destinations where the "veil is thin" between Heaven and Earth, others have sought venerated spaces built for worship. The Sacred Steps Podcast examines what calls us to pilgrimage in this modern era, exploring the questions pilgrims carry and the answers they may seek. 

Walking virtually alongside pilgrims and authors, the Sacred Steps Podcast explores the world's most revered footpaths, connecting a community of pilgrims from across the globe.  From the Camino de Santiago through Spain to the Via Francigena across Europe to Italy, the podcast features updates and first-hand accounts from the footpaths of pilgrimage. 

A companion to Kevin Donahue's pilgrimage books (The Pilgrims' Table and Sacred Steps: A Pilgrimage Journal),  the podcast also introduces several lesser-known journeys, such as England’s Pilgrims’ Way to Canterbury and the California Missions Trail in the United States.

The bi-weekly podcast is available on YouTube and all major podcasting platforms, including: 


Did you know?  The podcast broadcasts from the Chez Mer Studios in Florida, a name chosen in honor of Kevin's wife for her support of his journeys and the show. 




Begun to help connect the global pilgrim community, the Sacred Steps Podcast streams to pilgrims in more than forty countries on six continents. Through Patreon, our members help support the podcast on an ongoing basis, funding recording, production, and distribution costs. Not only do our members lend support to the show, but - through their actions - they inspire and support a community of pilgrims planning their first footsteps of pilgrimage.

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Brought together by fate for a memorable dinner, five pilgrims recall their emotional journeys along Spain’s Camino de Santiago. Powerful and moving, The Pilgrims’ Table is a heartfelt look at the transformational power of pilgrimage.



At the crossroads of history and faith, a reluctant pilgrim embarks on a modern pilgrimage along the world’s most revered footpaths. Tracing history’s footsteps, his experiences inspire questions and enlighten answers to the eternal questions of faith, hope, and love.

Available from print and digital booksellers, Sacred Steps: A Pilgrimage Journal explores the historical context and the modern experience of pilgrimage. Donahue’s journeys take him through Portugal and Spain on the Camino de Santiago, along America’s Pacific Coast connecting the California Missions Trail, across receding tides to Holy Island, from London to Canterbury along Britain’s historic Pilgims’ Way, and onward towards Rome via Europe’s Via Francigena on a journey of discovery.




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About the Host

Kevin DonahueProfile Photo

Kevin Donahue

Husband. Father. Backpacker. Pilgrim. Author.

Kevin Donahue began walking pilgrimage routes in 2019, joining the footprints of pilgrims seeking places and people to inspire questions and enlighten answers about faith, hope, and love. His passion for these historic footpaths and reflections from his journeys form the basis for his first book, Sacred Steps: A Pilgrimage Journal.

In his second book, The Pilgrims’ Table, Donahue takes on the role of storyteller, blending tales from pilgrims with his own experiences along the Camino de Santiago and Via Francigena. Drawn from authentic experiences, The Pilgrims’ Table is a heartfelt look at the transformational power of pilgrimage as seen through the eyes of five pilgrims from across the world, who find themselves joined together for one memorable dinner.

When he’s not on pilgrimage, Kevin hosts the Sacred Steps Podcast, streaming on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or your preferred podcast app.