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S3:E7 Planning Your 2023 Camino de Santiago | Livestream

Are you planning your first Camino de Santiago? In this dedicated live-streaming Q&A author & noted pilgrim Anne Born joins Kevin Donahue to share tips and answer questions submitted by pilgrims walking this year.

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S3:E7 Planning Your 2023 Camino de Santiago | Livestream

Why Do We Seek Pilgrimage?

For thousands of years, pilgrims have embarked on journeys of discovery toward places of faith. While some have pursued natural destinations where the "veil is thin" between Heaven and Earth, others have sought venerated spaces built for worship. The Sacred Steps Podcast examines what calls us to pilgrimage in this modern era, exploring the questions pilgrims carry and the answers they may seek. 

Walking virtually alongside pilgrims and authors, the Sacred Steps Podcast explores the world's most revered footpaths, sharing stories of pilgrimage and connecting a community of pilgrims from across the globe. From the Camino de Santiago through Spain to the Via Francigena across Europe to Italy, the podcast features updates and first-hand accounts from the footpaths of pilgrimage. A companion to Kevin Donahue's pilgrimage books (The Pilgrims' Table and Sacred Steps: A Pilgrimage Journal),  the podcast also introduces several lesser-known journeys, such as England’s Pilgrims’ Way to Canterbury and the California Missions Trail in the United States.


Kevin's first two books, Sacred Steps: A Pilgrimage Journal and The Pilgrims' Table, are scheduled to debut in Spring 2023.   Click now for more information and to register for exclusive previews before the release!

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Camino De Santiago

S3:E7 Planning Your 2023 Camino de Santiago | Livestream

Feb. 8, 2023

Are you planning your first Camino de Santiago? In this dedicated live-streaming Q&A author & noted pilgrim Anne Born joins Kevin Donahue to share tips and answer questions submitted by pilgrims walking this year.

Guest: Anne Born
Camino De Santiago UK Pilgrimage

S3:E6 Pilgrimage: Lessons from the Camino & Ancient Pilgrim Paths

Jan. 25, 2023

For years, English author Jo Frances Penn ( contemplated walking the Camino de Santiago. Two decades later, the global pandemic pushed her to begin a walking pilgrimage, discovering lessons abou…

UK Pilgrimage

S3:E5 Walking England's Original Camino: The Pilgrimage to Walsingham

Jan. 11, 2023

Lost to history in the aftermath of King Henry VIII's English Reformation, the Walsingham Camino was once one of Christendom's most revered pilgrimage walks. English author Andy Bull discusses efforts to revitalize the journ…

Guest: Andy Bull
Camino De Santiago Kumano Kodo

S3:E4 Dual Pilgrimage: Camino de Santiago & Japan's Kumano Kodo

Dec. 7, 2022

Drawing on their experiences from walking both the Camino de Santiago and the Kumano Kodo, Dr. Michelle Oing, Ph.D. and Dr. Christian Greer, Ph.D. discuss the contrast of these two UNESCO pilgrimage routes for pilgrims and l…

Camino De Santiago

S3:E3 The Camino Provides: Finding Hope, Happiness, and a New Home in Spain

Nov. 23, 2022

"The Camino de Santiago saved my life." Leigh Brennan ( tried quitting her first Camino de Santiago before it began. Battling grief and depression from a broken marriage, she found comfort, strengt…

Guest: Leigh Brennan
Camino De Santiago

S3:E2 Spanish for Camino | Words & Phrases for your Pilgrimage

Nov. 9, 2022

From her home on the Camino Portugues route, blogger Maria Seco ( shares Spanish words, phrases, and cultural tips to make your Camino de Santiago pilgrimage more enjoyable.

Guest: Maria Seco

S3:E1 Pages, Prayers and Pilgrimage | Season Three Preview

Oct. 26, 2022

In the Season Three preview, author Kevin Donahue ( | reflects on time away from the podcast, his Via Francigena camino pilgrimage through Italy to Rome, and a p…

Via Francigena UK Pilgrimage

S2:E15 Prayers and Pilgrimage | Season Two Finale

May 18, 2022

In the Season Two finale, author Kevin Donahue ( reflects on carrying the prayers of pilgrims and strangers during his pilgrimage and discusses his upcoming pilgrimage in Italy along the Via Fr…

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Kevin Donahue began walking pilgrimage routes in 2019, joining the footprints of pilgrims seeking places and people to inspire questions and enlighten answers about faith, hope, and love. His passion for these historic footpaths and reflections from his journeys form the basis for his first book, Sacred Steps: A Pilgrimage Journal.

In his second book, The Pilgrims’ Table, Donahue takes on the role of storyteller, blending tales from pilgrims with his own experiences along the Camino de Santiago and Via Francigena. Drawn from authentic experiences, The Pilgrims’ Table is a heartfelt look at the transformational power of pilgrimage as seen through the eyes of five pilgrims from across the world, who find themselves joined together for one memorable dinner.

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